I actually hope to hear from the emporium on this last post.

Three months in the U.S. IS a bit longer than normal, but depending on the time you made your purchase it makes sense. The emporium was completely re-structured in the recent past, and I'm surprised they even tried to fill orders during that time, but they did.

I don't know much about cloissonne specifically, but I do know alot about metals and how they react with the body. The discoloration of your amulet would most likely be a reaction to the PH of your body. The skin has oils in it and on it, and these oils degrade almost every material known to man to some degree. Some materials last longer than others when subjected to these natural chemicals, like Titanium for instance, but some materials succumb to it's degenerative powers quickly, like silver.
Now, people have different PH levels, and those levels vary during your lifetime. Some people can wear silver without ever noticing its degeneration, while some find their skin 'turns green' moments after putting on the item. This discoloration is actually the metal breaking down and falling onto the skin.
This COULD be why your amulet discolored.
I have been wearing mine since 1999 and it shows no sign of wear although I've gone through many chains and jump rings. My amulet is also black, so I wouldn't notice discoloration as much.

What color was your amulet when you first recieved it?

Hoping to hear more about this.

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