Let me start by saying - I'm hard on stuff... I wear things out pretty quickly due to my lifestyle. I have come to expect this with most things.

19 months ago - I received the 1 inch Baphomet Medallion from the CoS Emporium, and I haven't taken it off. It's been with me in every shower, in the ocean, in swimming pools, hot tubs, gardening, chopping wood, dancing and sweating at DJ gigs, bonfires, soccer games, snow tubing, firing ranges, snoozing, and every other activity that has happened since I received it. There isn't much that will hold up to that kind of punishment, and I wouldn't expect many things to withstand this abuse.

Since you asked - I am posting pictures of my Baphomet in it's current condition. These are EXTREME closups of the small 1 inch medallion which shows that some of the cloisonne enamel in the design is missing. This is not really noticeable at a normal personal distance from others and can only be seen by close inspection.

The back image shows how the finish has worn - revealing the bronze looking metal below.

All this being said - I'm sure cloisonne enamel was not designed to be subjected to the elements like I have subjected mine, especially in such tiny areas of intricate detail. Honestly - I like the way it's aging. It gives it a more "lived in" feel - as that is exactly what is happening with it.

It is a reflection of who I am and the lifestyle that I choose to lead.

I do plan on purchasing at least a couple more Baphomet Medallions from the CoS Emporium as there is no substitute for the real thing, and I'm sure they will age in the same manner due to what I put them through.

Hail Satan!

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My suggestion to you, besides obtaining a copy of The Satanic Bible and reading it, is to immerse yourself in the information contained at the Church of Satan website.

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You can't guzzle whiskey and pinch pretty ladies' asses when you're dead.

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Love life. Live life. Don't fuck with people unnecessarily. Don"t let other people fuck with you. Simple guidelines that that will help you to make informed, intelligent and Satanic decisions.

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Constructive criticism is one thing but people that just point blank tell others what they should be doing with their lives without any kind of permission can eat a bag of hairy balls.