RollsRoyce is very correct about a persons body chemistry and its affects on metal. Also the environment you live and work in can affect the metal. Sadly, there is no perfect science to this, some people affect the metal more than others, and if you wear the item constantly, yes, it will degrade faster than someone who does not. For me, I wear my Medallions when I go out, I really have no need to wear it around the house. I also wear the medallion on the outside of my clothing, so it rarely touches my skin. When I take a shower, I take it off, Tap water has a lot of acidity in it and will degrade the metal. If you are out playing or working the metal should not touch your skin as sweat has a lot of acid and salt in it which is bad for any metal.

Now if the medallions were made out of Titanium or Platinum, in most cases they would be OK (similar to a wedding ring) and could be wore pretty much 24/7 but the cost of the item would be increased quite a bit (I would also have to look into whether it is possible to make the medallions in those metals).

Basically, if you wear the item constantly and subject it to daily wear and use, expect it to degrade. Standard jewelry care tips would work well in this case.

Remove your jewelry when:
- cleaning the house or using harsh chemicals.
- putting on lotion, perfume, hairspray, shaving cream and other beauty products.
- doing laundry.
- swimming in the pool.
- bathing.
- experiencing extreme cold or heat - especially one right after the other.

To clean your jewelry:
- use warm water and mild soap.
- rinse.
- polish with a soft cloth.
- dry your jewelry before storage.

As far as the shipping issues go, I am working constantly to increase shipping times. The Medallions currently have the longest shipping times as they are ordered in batches and are the most sold item on the Emporium. They sell out rather quickly. The Medallions can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to ship from the order placement, depending on stock availability. All other items usually ship within a week of the order being placed. The new structure of the Emporium is allowing me to fix some of the shipping issues. Do remember, though, the Emporium is completely voluntary for me, I do it out of the enjoyment of having the items available for everyone much more easily than when I first joined the CoS. I make no money from it, all profits go back into creating new items and server costs. I have a full time (over full time) day job that I love and I work on the Emporium (and undercroft, and servers and more) during the evening hours and on weekends. I have been doing this for over a decade now but one major change is that I also have a family now that requires a bit of my time. So, again I am trying as hard as I can to get things back up to speed but these changes take time.

I do appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions though, each one is helping to rebuild the Emporium and design its future!!


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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