I would love to see some alternative metals being used! I am in need of a new 1.75" Baphomet as my current one, which I had only worn for a year, has severe "bubbling" in the cloisonne and corrosion of the base metal on the back. I haven't worn it much since then because I tend to quickly "wear out" jewelry that gets to this stage.

The Magister is correct though, pewter is just far too soft. Silver, Titanium, Stainless Steel (304, 316, etc), and Tungsten would be great materials to have Baphomets available in though.

Silver holds up very well against my skin and is my personal favorite; it does tarnish very quickly but after about a month builds up a protective passivating layer. Copper and Low Chromium content Iron based alloys do not generate this passivating layer and just continue to degrade faster and faster once the heavy corrosion starts in.

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