This sophomore release by Warlock Tier Instinct is the soundtrack of the new apocalypse!!

Ten tracks of dark brooding electronic genius that grabs the listener by the throat and drags them through the flames and over jagged shards of blazing brimstone!

The album opens bathed in tension with The Opening flowing into the primitive tribal rhythms of Blasphemy. Hymn To Pan is a surreal journey into the dark realms of the ancient world summoning the mischievous Pan from his forest lair, featuring the writings of Aleister Crowley. Two Is One begins with a beautifully crafted yet dark intro before exploding into a bass driven maelstrom. As this album progresses through the remaining six tracks Warlock Tier Instinct’s ingenious crafting of instruments and electronic sound allows the listener to delve into a world that most are denied access to. The Chaos Magnet is intense journey from the onset leaving the listener yearning for more.

Not having been a huge fan of electronic music in the past as my forte’ lies in the realm of black metal, I thank Warlock Tier Instinct for the opportunity to write a review for this stunning opus in addition to introducing me to this incredibly expressive medium by way of his first release, 2007’s In Through This Devour.

Highly recommended tracks are Blasphemy, Chaos Magnet, The Black Dragon Conclave (A Manifesto) and Tier Instinct.

Hail Tier Instinct! Hail Satan!


Ed, Citizen Of The Infernal Empire
Unearthly Evil Productions

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