Recently I put up somewhat of a fight against a show that was to occur as a University sponsored event where I live. For the Future Alumni Association nonetheless, which would degrade the multiple degrees I'm working very, very hard for.

A good example:

Personally I have no qualm with the music its self. My issue was specifically that the University endorsing the lyrical content by proxy just sent a terrible message about what we should be engendering, culturally and academically, University level and even city wide. Aside from that, idiots and criminals like these should be free to continue to make money I suppose.

So what did I do? First, I got myself published in the University paper. Then I wrote to those capable of resolving the issue. While I did that I organized my peers just in case common sense didn't prevail.

What did it result in? The show being canceled and my being further interviewed on the subject by University reporters. Not exactly a small feat considering the popularity of this group in this city.

How does this relate to Satanism By Example?

Being defiant against the things that encroach on you. Not being another schmuck that complains and doesn't do anything about his issues. The more the institutions, which I must subject myself to, continue on such a path without dissent the more I'll be subjected to cultural elements that are hostile to me.

The sharp tongue and quick wit of the Satanist can change things if properly applied.

I'm working on a couple of other things of a similar nature. I'll post them in this thread when success warrants it.

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