Happy Birthday, Magus LaVey!

I remember when I bought my first copy of The Satanic Bible. I had actually never heard of Dr. LaVey or the Church of Satan prior to doing so; I was in one of the many occult shops in New Orleans merely looking for general reference material on demons, Hell, etc. for use in my art.

I spied the The Satanic Bible's elegant cover and decided to pick it up while I was there. I began reading it in my vehicle prior to my journey back to Alabama, but found it difficult to put down. So I came on home with this feeling that I had found something I wasn't even looking for. When I got home I finished the book in record speed, realizing I had indeed stumbled upon something truly magical. And then I read it again. And again.

And thus began my journey of acquiring Dr. LaVey's other mighty works, along with Magistra Barton's, and researching his Church. And it wasn't long before I decided to throw my lot in with the Devil and join the one-and-only Church of Satan.

Dr. LaVey cleared the path and paved the way for us, and I am so proud to be among those who carry the torch into the future. Our future! My future!

Hail Magus Anton LaVey!
Hail Satan!
Reverend Byrd, Church of Satan

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