I speak of the animal of the herd for which we so often express our disdain.
And why do we disdain? Because they huddle together and fallow each other around?
To be honest, it is not the propensity to huddle that I find so repulsive, as I believe there is a time and place for many things; when the night is cold even the wolf, so noble and strong, will take comfort in the collective warmth of his kind. But when troubles and tumult arise, the pack and the herd behave very differently, and the herd will continue to huddle as best it can while running wildly without individual reason or direction.
It is this property that makes the herd animal such an excellent choice for cattle.
However we have still not totally answered the question, why do we disdain?
Surely not because of a lack of Darwinian advantage for such species. The herds of the world have survived for millions of years, and the thundering hooves of the Serengeti even the lion knows to respect and not oppose directly.
but this new predator, the shepherd, the herdsman...
I say we disdain the creature of the herd because, we see how the shepherds do drive us and yet we are powerless to stop the stampeding masses that crowd around us.
And so we strain and strive to separate ourselves from them or to bring reason to their maddened minds.