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Yahoo! Answers... yeah, Iīve seen it around, however briefly. Itīs that thing where folks try to use as many spelling errors as posible, right? Must be a contest of sorts.

It's even more pathetic when you consider that once you start to compose a post, an embedded built-in spelling checker appears. I swear, there have been more angry questions directed at "athiest" than "atheists".

I've had plenty of fun with the misspellings though. Or as some have actually called them "miss spelling". I didn't realize Tori was single.

Then there are the misspellings that a spelling checker wouldn't pick up. I somebody who asked "Should paganism be band?" I replied with "Lead guitar paint poisoning should be band. Actually, I think a band formed from all of the world's pagans would have WAY too many percussion players."
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