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Warlock Tier Instinct & Citizen Prometheus

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VASCA Radio moves to Radio Free Satan beginning Monday August 15, 2011!

Earth, NC - Germany - August, 15 2011 - Profile V.A.S.C.A. Aug. 13 2011 - Two members of the Church of Satan began broadcasting their brand of Social Darwinism in June of 2011. Termed 'VASCA Radio', the pod-cast has gained a strong audience by offering a third side perspective on current events and the exploitation of violence there-of. The show welcomes talented guests and features pranks and practical jokes for responsible adults. Hosts ' Citizen Prometheus and Warlock Tier Instinct are recording artists. Both have released material that is aired as track selections for the corresponding episode.

"The multi-faceted Vasca Radio will broaden your minds, open your eyes, and split your (third) sides." - Dave Ingram: Benediction, Bolt Thrower,(

"If you like pink Bunnies, don\'t listen to VASCA Radio. Dark, fun and brilliant. 5 stars, the Elite." - Matt Ingram (Deep Six Radio

"VASCA Radio is the eye of a violent storm, unbound to re-establish balance in a society infected by the poison of deluded doctrines."- The Invisible War (

"VASCA Radio is not an educational platform.," remarks host, Tier Instinct a Church of Satan Warlock. - "Those familiar with Satanism, as described in The Satanic Bible and with Social Darwinism as largely promoted by, Herbert Spencer are those who will understand where we are coming from. As successful Citizens in our societies i.e. Satanists, we observe patterns of behavior that many repress or look to shield themselves from. The resulting violence serves to stratify and we simply help the water rise quicker."

"As much as we take these events seriously we also enjoy having a good time; enters our prank segment. We look for a certain balance in all that we do and even include some of the guests who have the time."

Original episodes of VASCA Radio are available for listen at and is encouraged. Current events, Guests, Music, Pranks and more on VASCA Radio.

VASCA Radio is a bi-weekly broadcast and begins at Radio Free Satan August 15, 2011.
�Love is one of the most intense feelings felt by man; another is hate. Forcing yourself to feel indiscriminate love is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love. Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional aliments. By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones.�
Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible