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Has anyone asked him what his REAL question and/or opinion is? He clearly seems fixated on the subject, but I can't tell if he's grinding an axe, or getting all excited about ritual, or oscillating between the two.

It's nearly impossible to tell these days, especially on forums like Yahoo Answers. As I mentioned before, there's the whole "Poe's Law" in action. But it wasn't even a week ago that this guy had no clue what Satanism was about, that somebody else told him that it was non-theistic, and now suddenly he's quoting from the Satanic Bible. I'm guessing he just grabbed whatever illegal electronic copy he could find.

I suspect it's the same old game of "If I find a loophole that nobody answers, then I win!" You know, the compulsive debating type. Only this one is even more stupid, and on so many levels.

Users can, however, report questions for being "rants". coopdevil
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