So I'm taking a History 1302 class at school, and my teacher is really cool. As part of the curriculum he posts questions on a campus message board. The first three we answer are mandatory, after that we can voluntarily answer up to three more. Each one we answer gives us an extra point on our final grade. Here is the last question I participated in:

"If you could choose one person from American History from 1877 to the present to have as a dinner guest (other than me), who would you choose and why? Each student must choose a different person. The person must be someone in American History.

Please make life easy for me by putting the name of the person you would have dinner with the subject line. If you choose someone that has already by chosen, I will delete your post and you will recieve no credit for it.


My response:

(Subject line:) Anton LaVey

Bet you weren't expecting that one! I'd pick Anton LaVey as a dinner guest because I've always been fascinated with intelligent iconoclasts. G.B. Shaw, Ambrose Bierce, and Dr. Cecil Nixon are also close matches, but LaVey wins out because of his infamy and acceptance of his vilification. His life was fascinating, having done work as a lion tamer and calliope player for the circus, crime scene photographer for the San Fran PD, psychic investigator, and finally creator of the Church of Satan (of course some will point to the Rolling Stone article which claimed LaVey did very few of these things, but oddly enough that article never actually offered any proof of it's claims, unlike LaVey).

Having many similar interests including sideshows, music of the 1910's -1940's, the grimy side of life, the occult, old horror films, art deco, guns, "Total environments," etc, I'm sure we'd have plenty to discuss. I imagine we'd have a few (or several) drinks and talk until the sun rose. I once had the good fortune to spend about four hours talking to one of his friends (artist Timothy Patrick Butler) and it was one of the best conversations I've ever had. We talked about nearly everything under the sun and the only reason we stopped is because he was in the middle of his work and I didn't want to keep him too long. Love him or hate him, a dinner with LaVey would be unforgettable.


Unusually, he actually added a follow-up to mine, which is the first time I've ever actually seen him post a response to anyone's answer:

"Great response!...again keep in mind that 1910's= the year 1910; 1910s refers to the decade. I read his work before..certainly would match a libertarian point of view"

Sometimes you take a gamble and win!

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