I have never believed much in any kind of deity, including Lucifer. Most of my life has been complete shit, being beaten, robbed, and betrayed by almost everyone I met. I got tired of it and I turned to Lucifer, asking him to help me destroy those who had wronged me because I didn't have the power to do it all on my own. Almost immediately, chaos ensued in the lives of those who caused me pain, and the one who mistreated me the worst, (beat me, stripped me nude, and robbed me on the side of the street, then stuck his gun in my mouth and told me to "suck his pistol") was turned on by all his friends, hunted down by an entire neighborhood, beaten mercilessly, went entirely mad and is now locked away in a phych ward. I am now a believer and I wish to align my lifestyle with the beliefs of the Church of Satan so I may take control of my life and live it as I see fit. I have read all the material provided by the official website, I just wish to talk to other Satanists to get more information so that I may practice the beliefs and represent the Church properly. Any input would be appreciated.