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Personally, I want to join because I agree with every single principle that Anton LaVey outlined. I've read the entire website and I've read the Satanic Bible twice. I know that I'm very capable, and that I am much more intelligent than most people (I don't expect you to be able to verify these facts at this time, but hopefully as I become more acclimated to this website you will see this for yourself). I really feel that joining the Church of Satan would give me the confidence and the direction that I need to channel my potential into something greater.

Sounds like you already have your own well-justified reasons for joining, then.

I suppose what I was really asking is if you had experienced this feeling, and how the COS helped to supply you with a means of...I suppose...making yourself better.

As Reverend Drake said, it really comes down to what you put into it. The CoS doesn't really hand anything out. Membership however does open doors that might otherwise have remained closed, for those who make the efforts. In all the years I've been in the COS, when I think of all the things that the organization has directly or indirectly made possible for me (the incredible people I've met, the projects they've shared, the projects I've been able to create and share, the networking, the unofficial but life-enriching get-togethers, etc.), it would be an embarrassing understatement to say I "got something" out of it.

Of course there are also Satanists who join and really have no desire to be in contact with other members. In fact, most CoS members I know don't have an account here on LttD, nor have any intentions of getting one.
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