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And the interviewer was better than most.

Indeed! At first, when I heard Corvis was going to be on BET, on a show normally reserved for interviewing reverends and pastors, I thought the interview was going to consist of some black church lady rolling on the floor screaming in tongues, trying to drive out the Debil.

As it turned out, she was an excellent interviewer! She went did her homework, her questions were courteous and thoughtful, and she actually appeared to listen to the answers. Colour me impressed!

She deserves a bouquet of roses, or a nice bottle of champagne--especially after all the obnoxious bullshit she got from her "fans" and "friends" on Facebook for doing the interview!

And, in addition to being knowledgeable and well-spoken, of course, Corvis was so personable, so approachable, and so down-to-earth, I'd be surprised if it hasn't given those viewers a little extra food for thought!
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