Greetings all,

Not sure where to begin. I've only lurked these forums for a day or two now, as well as reading things on the CoS site. And I'm thoroughly impressed and intrigued by what i've read and want more i want to learn. There's ALOT of questions i have in regards to the "Society" of the CoS. Some of which have been answered through posts i've read along with essays. It might be dumb of me registering and even bothering with questions without fully reading a "hard copy" of the Satanic Bible but i have a digital copy that looks pretty dead on to what i've seen advertised on Amazon.

I'll add Cliffs to the end of this wall of text for those of you who dont care to read.

About me: I'm 23 years old in the IT field. Happily married for only a year now. Got interested in Satanism simply by reading up on different philosophies about life, how to live ect. Never grew up around religion, went to church a couple times and laughed at the jibberish that was spoken. Dad always questioned religion since i was a kid, had very high ranking priests/priestests/chiefs come talk to him heard some the conversations and always been just as interested. I believe highly in the we are own Gods, and what we do is on us. We can only exceed as far as we're willing to push. I remain silent in the fact that im interested in the Church to other people because of misjudgments and other hoopla!

Some questions I do have in regards to the church. Why exactly is everything seem so dark and "evil" about Satanism, if its based solely on ones OWN Person, and this may or may not be ignorant for me to ask, but are we subject to conform to this "darkness" of becoming Satanist? Im not saying it should be rainbows and flowers. Just some insight is all im asking.

That's all i got for now. I look forward to learn more from everyone here.

Cliffs: Im new.
I have questions.

P.S. I apologize in advance for my lack of punctuation.