I think it is important that the Church of Satan is officially present on the web and I'm glad this step is made. This will exclude any misunderstandings about who actually does represent the ideology of Satanism online, and who doesn't. I stumbled a few times on some doubtful websites dealing with 'Satanism', while - as I understood after reading the heresy they claimed to be Satanism - they simply are worshipers. I found it quite disturbing that someone has the interest in using this philosophy, which frees people in a certain way, to do right the opposite.

Anyway, Satanism stays strong and for the strong, while unreachable for fools.
Wisdom. Freedom. Power.

The rules may be theirs, but the game is always mine.

"A wise man with one eye sees more, than a fool with both." - Odin, the One-Eyed God.