The Church of Satan, in and itself, doesn't really perform weddings. What I mean is, ceremonies like weddings and funerals are not officially registered with the organization, per se. It is however certainly possible to have your own legally-binding Satanic wedding, with a member of the CoS as the ceremony's officiant. We're not obligated to have officiants for hire for these sorts of things; it's up to the individual Satanist if he or she wants to do the job for whoever the couple is, and the couple (or wedding planner, or whoever) would have the responsibility of working out the details with that person.

Basically, you'd go about this the same way that you'd go about it for any other wedding in the US: find somebody who's legally registered with your state as a wedding officiant and is willing to do the ceremony, then do the ceremony and the paper work together for the marriage license. As for what it takes to be a wedding officiant, the precise details change from state to state. But pretty much anybody can do it, so long as they pay whatever the fee is and do the paperwork for it.

My own wedding was conducted by a friend who's a "legally-ordained minister" in her own state, but wasn't such in our state. So we just paid the fee for her to have her registered with our state (in addition of course to compensating her for the duty she was performing), did the paper work, etc. Again you'll have to find out what exactly you need to do for the state you live in. And of course, find an individual who's willing to do it!
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