I have question:

I should send CoS Basic Member Application first, and the next time I should send CoS Active Member Application? And every time I must pay $200? Or I can send Active Member Application only?

"For a one-time registration fee of two hundred dollars, you will receive a crimson card declaring you a member of the Church of Satan. No further dues will be expected. You must be legally an adult in your nation of residence. You’ll also receive an Active Membership Application (which is also available as a download from our offi cial site)." - I can send Basic Member Application, and the next time send Active Member Application, paying only $200, when I send Basic Member Application?

How many time I should waiting for confirmation of my Basic Member Application?

If I will be Basic Member, I will be access to part "only for members" on this forum? A card of Basic Member is different than Active Member card?