My friends are handfasting this may. They both have been together 18 years and share a teen child. The delimma, groom is satanic, bride pagan of faerie faith. She's having trouble with vows. I'm unfamiliar with the rites of satanism, as I too am pagan.

I love them both, they both love me and have asked for my help with vows. My belief is to not choose one belief over the other but to combine them so both religions are brought into the ceremony. I want both of my friends equal in happiness.

So I'm here asking anyone who's of writing talent or high ordained who can assist me in writing up a ceremony intertwining both religions for my friends.

It's a sort of good faerie/bad faerie themed wedding. I plan to have an alter mixed with both religions. Black candles for him w/1 red. A Prophomet will be hung on the west side of the ceremonial trellis for the groom. A Queen Faerie on the East side for the bride.

So I need a ceremonial ritual for the clergy which reflects both sides. Can anyone help?