The Compleat Witch Illustrated Bibliography Project

"For those who don't know, the bibliography to 'The Compleat Witch' is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful books drastically ranging in subject matter."

This project was recently initiated by Reverend Slaughter. With the aid of Reverend Byrd and myself, Reverend Slaughter will post a blog every few days on one of the books listed in the bibliography of "The Compleat Witch". Each blog will contain information on the cited edition, information on other editions/reprints, online resources, front flap/back cover blurbs, and quotes from within the text. The first book up is "Untrodden Fields of Anthropology" by Dr. Jacobus X.

Participation by everyone is encouraged, especially if you happen to have different editions of the books (including foreign language editions) or spot an error on our part in the information provided.
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