I've been wanting to do this for well over a decade. My initial idea was to produce a book, but the absolutely insane amount of research was too much for me to consider for what would be one strange little nice book.
I've slowly collected a couple of dozen books from the 170 listed in the bibliography, and finally the time was right.
Instead of doing all kinds of research in the solitude and secrecy, and with the ease of blogging and the support of a social network or two, not only can the research be done with the aide of a few enthusiastic Satanic bibliophiles, but the research and production can be accomplished in public, and the few weird aficionados can contribute themselves at a whim, at any stage in the process.
We look to do at least one book a week, but books that we only have very little data on may be pushed out quickly so there will be multiple books in a week.
All in all, the project could go for more than two years, and theoretically it will exist in a way that as new information comes up at any point, it can be added.
At the end of the project, it may or may not be worth compiling it all into a physical book form, but it certainly will be easier and FAR better in this online edition than I could have imagined.