I just recently began listening to 9sense. I really enjoy your show. I find that I am staying in better tune with the goings on in the Satanic community as a result of tuning in to each episode of 9sense. I had not heard of Corvis Nocturnum until you interviewed him on your show. He is definitely a multifaceted Satanist who is constantly evolving and creating new things. Also, your advertisements are on point as well. After hearing about "The Devil's Mark" by Magister Matt G. Paradise, I was instantly intrigued and ordered a copy for myself. In summary, keep up the great work!

"Satanic Story Time is a podcast which takes the listener on a journey through fiction's satanic history." http://www.satanicstorytime.com/

"Life is the great indulgence--death, the great abstinence. Therefore, make the most of life--HERE AND NOW!"