Hello i am new to the forum and to satanism in general . And i have a question , im sorry if it is in the forums somewhere and i didn't read it. I view everything from a non-bias opinion and hear out everyone before making my mind up.
I am just learning about this (religion-idea) as i do with many others. i do not consider myself a "satanist" but am very interested because i can relate to the meaning and different points made.

But i am addicted to pain medication and have been for a couple years ( Roxy-codone and methadone) i am currently trying to ween myself of of the medication it sickens me that i need this to even wake up in the morning and cant wait to have it out of my life. i am also a smoker.

i was just wondering if i was interested in joining the community were i would stand with the conditions pointed out ^

, Thank you
[Both we and our words are over-produced by influence.]