Letters from the Devil compiles Anton La Vey's Letters from the Devil columns throughout the early years of the Church of Satan. One would have little hope of acquiring all of these snippets from their respective publications, but they are assembled here in their entirety as they were originally printed with humorous ads and all. The questions sent in by readers and responses from Dr. La Vey are at times deeply insightful, and at other times incredibly funny and sarcastic. The topics range from defining the philosophy of Satanism and instructions on performing greater magic, personal observations, to simply providing advice on one's love life, etc. This book is difficult to put down as you can't predict who will be writing in and what is coming on the next page. It also demonstrates Dr. La Vey's showmanship as he sells the next issue of the publication in true carnival and pulp fashion. Many thanks to Reverend Kevin I. Slaughter for designing and publishing such a fantastic book! This is not something to be missed by anyone who is already a Satanist, a fan of Anton La Vey, or someone who is just interested in seeing some insight into what Satanism is really all about from the man himself. In a word, BUY! coopdevil
Mein Leben, Meine Chance