Hello again!

A month and a half after starting this thread my medallion has not arrived yet frown. What could happen? Maybe it was devoured by some indescribable cosmic horror while crossing the Atlantic? Or maybe it was just lost or stolen, I know the postal service here in Spain sucks sometimes.

Also I didn't get an answer from Magister Frost. Is he still on charge of the CoS Emporium?

And speaking about the Emporium. I tried to order the medallion again, just to see if it could be sent by certified mail, but now I can't even select a shipping method. It says "Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a shipping cost estimate for this order." mad

What is going on? And why every time I try to buy something from the US hell breaks loose? It's not the first time my items are lost before arriving. I once got a very expensive empty box. My postman delivered it opened, but of course I couldn't tell if it was him or someone else. I never have this problems when ordering from the UK, France, Sweden or Hong Kong.

Please, can someone help me? What can I do now? Thanks for reading.

Yeah, I'm pretty pissed off, sorry.