I recently received a personalized copy of Warlock Tier Instinct's 'The Chaos Magnet'. The inscription on the inside cover read,"To: Eric. Enjoy my magic. Tier Instinct." Like many Satanists, I have a chamber dedicated to the practice of magic. I thought it only fitting to have my first consumption of this working in it's proper setting. I couldn't have been more correct.

The first track,'The Opening', begins to lead one into that twilight place that is essential for the suspension of disbelief. It is an incredible transition from the world of the mundane into the world of infinite possibilities. With the beginning of 'Blasphemy', the atmospheric change is palpable. I literally got chills over my entire body. It's rhythms reach into the primordial aspects of man, present from the time when our ancestors first felt the need for ritual. Back-masked vocals add a very sinister element, and meld very well with the beat and Industrial inspired sound effects. With the recitation of Crowley's 'Hymn to Pan', Tier Instinct assumes the role of celebrant in his magical working. While solitude is the rule in my chamber, I felt anything but alone during this oration. On the appropriately titled 'Chaos Magnet' the mind is disconnected completely from it's typical space/time concepts. I fully suspect this was the intent. Tier Instinct once again fulfills his role as celebrant on the track 'Tier Instinct'. Inspired by The Seventh Satanic Statement and The Third Enochian Key, it is a perfect crescendo to the preceding. 'Closing Credits' acts as the pollutionary, bringing the listener back from the world of shadows with a high energy Electronic/Industrial track.

I didn't mention all the tracks, like 'The Black Dragon Conclave [A Manifesto]' (which Tier Instinct shares credits with his VASCA co-host Citizen Prometheus) or 'Rise and Release', both of which are outstanding. I failed to mention these for much the same reason I neglected to relate most of the experiences I had in my chamber during this ritual. I'm keeping them for myself. But I'm also keeping them open for anyone who has yet to experience it first hand. This is a complete work. Each track stands on its own, but it's most effective the way it was designed. One track leading into the other, giving it a definite order among the chaos. Yes, this was a ritual. This was Satanic magic. This was Warlock Tier Instinct changing situations and events in accordance with his will. It was evocative and powerful and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
"You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West