Ok, so, i looked up some posts i made earlier and came across a post made by Hagen von Tronje who wrote:
"The Church of Satan universally and unequivocally condemns all criminal activity, no matter who the target is. Burning churches is not acceptable. No further commentary needed.

Regarding music, it's up to the individual. But championing criminal scumbags will never fly with us."

I post this thread and quote the post above since i am a big fan of "extreme music" (as it is called) and Black Metal is one of the genres i truly enjoy; as is known to include a few artists that have been behind bars for various criminal actions. So, many of the bands have had artists who are "criminal scumbags". Now i guess i would have to clarify that i do not agree with killing people, and burning churches wont solve anything.

When speaking of "criminal scumbags" i am not sure who is to be put in that category; what qualifies for that title and where is the line drawn? If the use of drugs is enough i would dare to say alot of members are "championing" one or more "criminal scumbags".

Guess my main point and question is if the fact that i like Black Metal, Death Metal, etc, will be a problem in this community? Would appreciate a clarification before taking another step into the Church of Satan.

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