I got my copy from the Amazon marketplace, for my kindle. I love it, it has really made me think about myself, and Satanism. Sometimes when I read it I feel like maybe I am not good enough to be a Satanist, but that I can be Satanic. However, not elite enough to be a full on Satanist. It is this reason that I have held off on joining the Church of Satan, until I finish it and really dedicate sometime to thinking what I can bring to the table.

I respect the CoS and rather than read the Satanic Bible and run off a week later and join up without thinking about it. I have read almost all available material. This is a must have book. Any aspiring individual should definitely read this before making the decision to join, or at least apply for active membership.
Triath: The Inquiring Satanist and Firefighter/EMT
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