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One thing I found interesting in listening to that interview is that Peter Gilmore said something about how we need to get rid of these terms "LaVeyan Satanism" and "Theistic Satanism" once and for all. Now I agree as they are very annoying, but those terms are getting stronger every day from what I see. So sadly I do not see them going away at all. In fact just the opposite?

Set the example yourself and eliminate it from your mind. Such terms are a contradiction anyway so therefor are not even relevant.

They are not relevant, but there are people who use these terms continuosly and if we dont correct their terminology when we meet with it, we kind of give permission to use them. I personally think that especially when one is member of Church of Satan and publicly discusses with people as Satanist he or she should always correct the thing when he hears somebody to use it. Sometimes it feels frustrating to tell the same thing again and again and again to people but leaving this terminology without correcting it would mean we accept it, so just leaving it like we wouldn't hear it is not vice way to act in discussion.

That's my opinion!
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