They are not relevant, but there are people who use these terms continuosly and if we dont correct their terminology when we meet with it, we kind of give permission to use them.

This sounds like a very tedious task, to correct every idiot out there. I have more important things to do, such as live my life as a Satanist. Do that and your creating more change than you are attempting to correct every idiot who uses such terms.

Sometimes it feels frustrating to tell the same thing again and again and again to people but leaving this terminology without correcting it would mean we accept it, so just leaving it like we wouldn't hear it is not vice way to act in discussion.

Well the only place I have ever encountered such terminology is here on this message board in which Satanists do correct such people when they use the term "LaVeyan" Satanist. Those who consider themselves "theistic satanists" are usually banned. I don't visit other message boards nor do I personally discuss my religion with people who don't already understand at least the fundamentals of Satanism.

My point? If someone has a legitimate interest in learning/discussing Satanism and they use the term "LaVeyan" then I will explain to them such terms are redundant but if this person is a moron then I will leave them to their own stupidity.