need to get rid of these terms "LaVeyan Satanism" and "Theistic Satanism" once and for all. Now I agree as they are very annoying, but those terms are getting stronger every day from what I see. So sadly I do not see them going away at all. In fact just the opposite?

Which is why everyone needs to use the all-encopassing and extremely erudite "Satanaflipparoo", occasionally spelled in the European "Satanaflipperoo." Imagine....it works on the same inane level that these morons do. It allows them the "Satan" part they so want, but cheerfully defiles it just like they do---only they aren't cheerful, and considering their abject delusions, they should be!

So...I ask my beloved church friends, since I will never write the great American novel, I am highly unlikely to cure cancer or AIDS, and while I have bred impressively, I have not bred enough to get a reality show, for any hopes I have at posterity, USE MY NIFTY WORD!


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