From Magus Gilmore's Satanism: The Feared Religion:

" is quite irrational to think that someone can be elite or not simply because of the color of their skin. Even if one comes from promising genetic stock, and by that we mean from ancestors who have proven their abilities to be superior in performance, this does not guarantee an individual’s advancement. No, we Satanists only recognize an individual as elite if they prove it by cultivating their natually endowed abilities to the highest extent possible. This is something that requires the Satanic virtue of discipline, a quality we try to instill in our own iron youth. There are elite individuals from all ethnic backgrounds, and they are embraced by Satanism for the superior beings that they are—-creating a uniquely Satanic ethnic."

Also a quote from Dr. LaVey in Speak of the Devil which I personally really like: "We are superior, and are superior not by ethnic means, but by the superior force of the will -- the imagination, the creativity, and the very essence of resourcefulness, and survival, that is the heart and the very soul of the Satanist."
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