These guys sound like class A morons. Not only do the fail to develop any working argument before running off to the next moronic sputtering, they are extremely loud, obnoxious and interrupted at every moment. Mainstream hacks and their method of "rational argumentation" is merely ranting and raving about stupid pointless bullshit.

I also love the fact that rational self interest (looking out for me and my own) automatically makes you a bad father. That has nothing to do with that Rev. Slaughter's personal life. The hilarious part of this reveals so much about the Good-guy Badge, even in what sounded like a very desperate and irrational manner.

If you don't have un-conditional love then you automatically hate, hate, hate! Dad use to tell me that when I was a wee young lad, when I still though I was a christian. "Son atheists wouldn't even stop to help a person by the side of the road. Because there is no moral kindness, no love in their heart." Chuckled when I threw a wrench in that concept becoming a Paramedic and Firefighter. The summer before that, I confessed to my family that I was an atheist. Of course the TSB was safely tucked under my bed mattress.

These guys definitely put the herd in conformity. Even better part is the moron Catholic who, while crusading for his faith, completely mis-represented the central doctrine of Transubsatiation, an actual sacrament in the Catholic church. Meh, the fate of conventional religion tucked away in the stupidity department with most of the distractors for sheeple.

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