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Even better part is the moron Catholic who, while crusading for his faith, completely mis-represented the central doctrine of Transubsatiation, an actual sacrament in the Catholic church.

I have a hunch that he thinks condoms and premarital sex are OK too. Which makes me wonder just what part of Catholicism he actually identifies with, beyond perhaps monotheism.

Here's the comment I posted there, with some extra wording now that I don't have a character limit:

How to be a douche of a DJ:

1) Don't do any research on your guest, or even the topic. Not even a 2-minute search on Google. In fact, make it seem like you've never read ANY book, including your own Holy Bible.

2) Ask ignorant questions. See #1

3) Make unfounded accusations and logical fallacies. The more cliche, the better. Have patronizing friends say "Oooh, snap!" to give the illusion of credibility.

4) While your guest is answering, interrupt and change the subject. See #3

5) Only pretend to be religious and defend Christianity on your show when your guest is a Satanist.
Reverend Bill M.

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