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All in all, it was as expected, the hosts were shallow and ignorant of Satanism, though I'd sent them some of the basic documents beforehand. They want ratings, not sincere debate, so they constantly projected their own fantasies onto me, even ignoring points I'd just made seconds beforehand.

Hail Reverend Slaughter,

I think you did a great job with these morons trying patiently to explain what our Church and Philosophy stands for.

I have already listened this earlier and realized how, not just the interviewers but also some of the listeners, tried to twist your words and make it sound something else than you said. When these guys could not make up any proper arguments against your words they just made a very stupid voices like "woaaa", "waaa" and little too loud laughing. My main concern in this interview was doesn´t these guys understand how stupid they sound like?

One of the most interesting things was that you had send them some of the basic documents beforehand but other one of these morons actually say in this interview that "he did not know that Satanists are Atheists", which he defenitely would knew if he would have done his "homeworks" properly before going to job!
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