My neighbors, whose names I will keep anonymous in public post, have a dog named Thor for whom they wish to find a good home.

Thor is a Labrador and Pit Bull mix who has become aggressive toward their other dog, Argo, a German Shepard, and ultimately protective of the wife since she became pregnant. Today, Thor tore up Argo pretty good, even displaying aggression toward the wife when she tried to break up the fight. My neighbors considered having him put down, but perish the thought. I do, too, having spent time with them and their dogs.

Thor is a good boy, but obviously needs a different home, one whose owner(s) can properly provide the stimulus this high energy dog needs. While I do not wish to speak poorly of my neighbors, as they have meant well of their dogs, they have not been able to provide Thor the exercise and stimulus he needs. I feel that this, culminating with the wife now pregnant, has simply proven too much for them or Thor to handle.

My neighbors asked me to put out word for anyone who might be interested in taking in their dog. They also mentioned that they would also provide all his toys, his leash and harness, and (perhaps) his kennel.

If any of you are interested in taking in Thor, please PM me stating so, along with your name (or pseudonym) and telephone number, and I will pass it along to my neighbors.

I am uncertain that they know I patron Letters to the Devil or the Church of Satan. I do not know how comfortable they would be knowing that another member here were interested in taking in their dog. I would advise excluding that information with them should you be an interested party that they contact. That would be for their comfort and mine.