Ladies and Gentlemen:

My name is Venator (Latin for Hunter). I have been a member of the Church of Satan for approximately 17 years (Longer than many Priests, Priestess’, Reverends, etc..). I first read the Satanic Bible / Rituals in 1984. After that, I knew what I was.

I spent most of my adult life serving with an elite unit within our military. During my tenure, I had a sit down with a Battalion Executive Officer, Division Chaplain and a Company Commander. I had to explain to all three the Philosophy, Practices, Beliefs and Rules within the Church of Satan. This meeting came about due to my “Crimson Card” being discovered during an unannounced wall-locker inspection (Special thanks to Blanche Barton for sending me a new card and motivational letter).

In the end, I came out victorious. I do believe the Army Chaplains Guide 165-13, was my biggest weapon. I retired five years later as an E-8, then joined another elite group. Without mentioning names, the Dobbie Brothers has a song of the same name. Through out my career, I have seen and done just about everything, in almost every country. Some on the news, some not. Nowadays, I take people to jail.

I have read many posts here, some extremely interesting, some very dull and pointless. I am not, nor have I ever been, one to sugarcoat or beat around the bush. I am a brutally honest individual; I tell it like it is. If you don’t like it, Oh well, go pound sand.

I have read, and put into effect, all of Laveys’ writings. Lavey is on point with everything he wrote. Everything he wrote, I used to my advantage. I can not thank the Gentlemen enough.

As with that, I will end this introduction. Now, if I post anything, or reply to anything, you know who I am.

As for a profile picture, I have tried to upload one numerous times, which have all met with negative results. Not to worry, I sent an e-mail up the chain of command, regarding this issue.

Stay Motivated and Hydrated.