For me I would say I've always been different, an outsider even. When i was a small child, I would always be attracted to the more "darker" elements of things. I always wanted the bad guys on TV and in movies to win out against the hero. As a teenager I remember staying behind after school and sitting in the library alone until the old women kicked me out and told me to bugger off home. I had very few friends, - I was in no way "cool". I wore black and listened to heavy metal.
I loved to paint and read books about atheism and religion. I also hated sports. I had a keen interest in The Bible and would often sketch out things I'd read in "Revelation". Because of these "odd" interests and my choice of clothing, some of the other kids used to tease me by calling me a devil worshipper and a Satanist. I never really paid much attention until a couple of years ago when I discovered TSB. It wasn't until that point that I truly realised who I was all along, and there was a reason that these kids never liked me during my teens. I think me being labelled "Satanist" by my peers acted as a self fulfilling prophecy in a way. It urged me to dig deeper into the dark side of myself, and discover what all the fuss was about. Would I have eventually found Satanism anyway? Probably. But looking back I think this was the catalyst that prompted me forward.

So, over to you... How did you discover Satanism, and do you think that your earlier experiences prompted you to research the subject, or did you stumble upon it by chance?