Before actually "discovering" Satanism in the truest sense a few years ago, and due to my keen interest in religion and the bible (I have a degree in the subject) I even started to study it in my late teens with the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Even in this environment of "unconditional love" (which actually translates as love for only fellow members of the cult) I was still an outsider. I enjoyed debating with them the fallacies and inconsistensies found within their most holy of books. Plus there was an attractive young gentleman I'd have liked to have got in the sack. Once they actually started pressuring me to get baptised and knock on doors I thought screw this, I'm off. The knowledge I gained from them proved very valuable when writing my dissertation, allowing me to give first hand accounts on life as a "member" of a Christian sect.
It really proved to me how ridiculous the whole thing is, and how happy I am that I have not wasted my life worshipping false gods and waiting for a "perfect" life once my present one ends. It also made me sad for the children of these deluded fools, who are forced into submission three times a week at their meetings.