I wasn't meaning to say that because of my choice in clothing was the reason I "became" something or another. I was just being a dick of a rebellious teen who wanted to horrify my mother. This is just how I was born. I never knew there was a name for the lifestyle I have lived, or the beliefs and views I hold. It just happened to be revealed to me through the works of LaVey. I take great pride in who I am as a person, I am sure that I am getting the most of my life in the here and now, and that is something no one will ever, or could ever take away from me.

On a side note, now in my mid twenties I am more likely to customise my own clothes than walk around in a band t-shirt I got from a record shop. I love being asked "wow where did you get that?" and being able to say I made it. I am very creative and like to express myself in that way.
Marilyn Manson is one of my all time favourite bands. His lyrics and themes are at times genius. Infact, just today I sat listening to Mechanical Animals on my lunch break :-)