For a while now I have been considering registering for membership, and have been putting money aside each month to afford the fee. I also figured that while sending my application, it may be beneficial for me to also send an active member application at the same time purely for ease.
So my questions are, does an active member need to hold any sort of level of success in the real world, I.e, own business, advanced degree etc? I currently don' have my own business, but do earn a steady income. This doesn't mean I don't have ambition, it is just a case of me finding something I will enjoy putting so much energy into.
I've also seen members on this forum say the best way to "earn your stripes" as it were, is to be active. Could someone please offer an example? I would like to perhaps start up my own blog concerning questions people have about Satanism in general (this idea was inspired by LaVeys Letters From The Devil column). I really like the idea. So how exactly does one bring something to the table and show what they have to offer? I'm not all that confident with public speaking, so I would probably refuse activity of that kind, but writing and attempting to educate is fine.
Ultimately I would hate to spend so much time filling out an application if I am going to be deemed not ready. The form is quite lengthy and would take time to complete, so I'd rather know the credentials as it were and wait until a more appropriate time if that is the case.

Cheers guys. Your help is appreciated.