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I can just imagine people who listened to this one thinking how great it was for those douchebag DJs to make fun of "that crazy satanperson".

Read the comments from the YouTube video, you may get a different perspective on how others are responding...

This is the most recent one:
"I am always impressed by how you deal with these kind of people; doubt i would keep my cool like you do. You truly are a fine represendant for the Church of Satan."


"Hm. What an outstanding defense mechanism this insignificant radio host has. I can only imagine he was trembling in fear with freezing cold hands as Kevin made too much sense for his under-developed brain to comprehend. You know what gave him the courage to stand up to Kevin at all? His brain-dead friends lol I have nothing but contempt for Christians and Catholics, and if the physical destruction of humans weren't illegal, they were the first to go -.-; Kevin, you were amazing, by the way :)"


"This conversation really is the epitome of what it means to be a sane, intelligent person in a society full of ignorant twats. Great job keeping your cool, Kevin."


"I love that this video is apparently eclipsing all content pertaining to the 'billy madison show' --winning!"

very flattering:

"Christians and Catholics are so bloody stupid. I REALLY find the entire principle of belief in a god or any Deity a total insult to Human intelligence. These muppets are the idiots who are influencing a minority of children in our schools, controlling our governments and directing the lives of rational people. This is totally ridiculous. I am PROUD to call myself a Satanist when I am surrounded by people like these. Once again Rev. Slaughter is the only sane voice to be heard. Hail Satan"


My comments posted on YouTube:

Two additional points:
1. If the CoS doesn't do it, however reluctantly in some cases, you can see the dross on YouTube desperate to "represent Satanism" that would jump on the chance, and it would be a disaster.
2. The real audience is not the overwhelming majority of drooling imbeciles that listen to the show, but a select few that will hear and understand. This is the same reason that The Satanic Bible is printed in the millions, instead of handed out secretively.