Hail! I'm thirty years of age, I reside in southwestern, Ohio & I work in the financial industry. Currently I'm a supervisor over the member services department & assist in the daily operations at my particular branch. Like most, I too realized I was a born Satanist after reading "The Satanic Bible". I then moved onto other works by LaVey (i.e. "Satan Speaks" & "The Devil's Notebook"). I couldn't get enough! For many years I would discuss political/social issues with people & be on the same page until religion was brought up. Then, upon discussing religion & my anti-theistic ways with an individual I would lose them once my political/social views were brought up. It wasn't until I read "The Satanic Bible", then delved into the works of Nietzsche, Rand & the like that I realized my true colors, that had been there all this time, were Satanic.

It is with great pleasure that I am in your home(s) & I assure you that I will bring quite a bit to the table. Some other interests/passions of mine include (but are not limited to): books, occultism, skydiving, vinyl, all Danzig related projects, debunking, post-apocalypse, true crime/serial murder, psychology, sociology, deviancy, unconventional/taboo sex, blasphemy, good beer/cider, good food, horror/macabre, ritual(s), vigilantism, deserved violence, film, the old west, etc.

I'd also like to inquire if there are any fellow skydivers around these parts? A few months ago I started working towards my A-license with my good friend Brett & I'm nearing the end of my journey. I started with three tandems under my belt & moved onto solo jumps with two instructors, now down to one. I look forward to the day when the USPA (United States Parachute Association) stamps my license with that red "A" & I'm approved for self-supervision & cheaper jumps! If you're interested in skydiving I say without any hesitation, try it! It's like nothing you've ever experienced before! I could try explaining it, but that merely wouldn't do it justification. A truly safe sport, that is a calculated risk that can leave you high for hours!

I will leave you with a video of my B-category jump I made back in May. The introduction to the video is roughly thirty-five seconds.


Here's a photograph of my buddy Brett (left) & me (right) riding to altitude...

Thank you for taking the time to read this & I look forward to jumping (no pun) right in!