Cannabis has been a controversial topic for a very long time. I am a strong supporter of the legalization of Cannabis and recognize the staggering number of health benefits that it provides, more and more of which are being scientifically proven all the time, especially within recent years. A satanic viewpoint is to condone things which are good for you and extend the number of years which you will be alive. HOWEVER, due to fear campaigns and racial prejudices many years ago, Cannabis was declared illegal and stays thus so to this day despite a wealth of scientific fact promoting its safety (anyone who doubts this must only do very minimal research to educate themselves on the matter in order to confirm it's validity). A Satanic viewpoint that is often voiced (loudly) is that they do not condone illegal activities, which is an ideal i vehemently agree with. I suppose my main question is whether my support of legalization would negatively impact me within the Church of Satan should i choose to join.