Dear Satanists in the know,

In the history of the Church of Satan, have there have been any notable problems with people being "outed" - i.e. their affiliation with the Church of Satan have been made public, without the individual's consent.

Clearly, there is the risk of being outed if you disclose that nature of information carelessly, have The Satanic Bible / other clearly satanic texts in open view of others, a tattoo etc, which give away affiliations to those who are searching for it. It may be argued that if it is that harmful for one to be identified as a satanist, they would simply not identify as one at all to those who need not know. If one is a registered CoS member, only 3 people must know - anyone notified outside of these 3 is risk, it could be said.

I think I'm asking this question more regarding members of the CoS outing another known member, or theft of this kind of sensitive information. I understand that those who do 'out' others, and who are in the CoS, have their membership rescinded.

Despite this, have there been such incidences? Are they a rare problem, or not?

Were they a historical, and no longer current problem?

If there is a resource discussing this further, I would be grateful for direction to it.