I have always been a fan of swimming all my life, so please allow me a moment of your time.

When I was younger I used to take my swimming lessons at the YMCA and was considered the best in my class. I could easily do any stroke and with speed. I remember doing this clearly because it is one of the memories I miss the most. My swimming instructor once asked my mother if she'd ask me to compete. Being a shy little boy I said no. So after I passed all my swimming lessons I eventually allowed it to fade into the past.

As time wen on Michael Phelps came to dominate the sport. I never really bothered to watch the Olympics too much until recently. I was floored by his incredible ability and a bit jealous. I admire him greatly for what he has accomplished. If you think swimming is easy then step into the pool and simply do a 75 yard front stroke, you will feel the pain.

So I began to remember my ability and I honestly got very sad as I know I had such an opportunity. I recently began picking up swimming again and decided I am going to train everyday for the next 4 years. Phelps has inspired me.

So what are your thoughts on the Olympics? Is there something you did as a kid and wished you stuck with it? I think it is obvious that to have that drive and desire to be great is nothing short of being Satanic. One final question, can one be too old for being an Olympic qualifier? I certainly hope not.

Here is a video of Phelps freestyle swimming.