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I know the belief in a higher power already would make it almost impossible.

A Freemason friend of mine once told me that the "higher power" question is a simple yes or no question with enough room for personal philosophical interpretation. So technically, an atheist could potentially be a Freemason since the higher power could be something that isn't a deity: the universe, the laws of physics, the self, whatever. Again, this is just what I heard personally from one Freemason.

What are the official views on this, or if not official individual? If not freemasonry are there other organizations that would be similar, which would follow more along the lines of Satanist's views?

Barring obvious exceptions such as, say, pseudo-"Satanic" groups that explicitly bash LaVey and/or the CoS, or groups involved in criminal activity, Church of Satan members are pretty much free to join whatever additional organizations they want. Fraternal organizations such as the Freemasons, Elks Club, Moose Lodge, college fraternities, etc. don't fall into either category.

I know some Satanists who hold memberships in some of these sorts of organizations, as well as non-secretive organizations like Mensa, National Honors Society, the NRA, American Legion, and so on. It's up to the individual Satanist to decide what organizations, if any, will benefit him or herself.
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