I want to know how I'd possibly have permission from the Church of

Satan to legally translate the essays and information availble on the


Actually, I've done many translation work for the material over there,

for personal use. But I hope that the Church of Satan approve this

translations, somehow.

I sent my application and fees long months ago, and I've never had a

response. I'm trying to join the Church of Satan but it seems that my

goverment ban Satanism altogether.

I realize that the Church of Satan doesn't prostelyze to other people,

but I enjoy translating the Satanic information, maybe someday I'll get

to publish them legally, who knows?

I also understand that by being a member the possibilty for permissions

is more likely to be given, but for the time being is there any

alternative way to the Church of Satan agree to approve my work


Please note, that I'm not a professional translator, it is just

something I enjoy doing but that doesn't mean either that it is a low

quality translations, on the contrary.

Also, technically, it is not illegal translations, becuase I live in

another country. But the approval of the Satanic Church of my work,

will mean a great deal to me. And I don't plan to publish these

translations publically before the Church of Satan approve them.

In fact, I'd be glad if the Church of Satan use these translations as it sees fit, if at all.

What should I do?