Yesterday I was shopping for a new pair of earrings. My other earring had accidentally fallen behind my wife's stereo in her car. We were walking through the mall in an aimless fashion when we came across a curiosity shop. We ventured inside and parused the oddity laden aisles. I was surprised when I found a life size aluminum skull shimmering in the store's fluorescent lighting. I knew that it was truly one-of-a-kind. I debated within myself for several minutes. I wondered whether I should purchase the aluminum skull right then or whether I should trek across the mall and back searching for a better deal elsewhere. I arrived at the conclusion. I bought the skull right then and there. I had been previously looking for a similar type of skull for the ritual chamber anyway. So, "long story short," it's going to look great with the candlelight bouncing off of the aluminum skull's reflective surface!

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